1. Next To You (Sting)
  2. So Lonely (Sting)
  3. Roxanne (Sting)
  4. Hole In My Life (Sting)
  5. Peanuts (Sting/S. Copeland)
  6. Can't Stand Losing You (Sting)
  7. Truth Hits Everybody (Sting)
  8. Born In The 50's (Sting)
  9. Be My Girl - Sally (A. Summers/Sting)
  10. Masoko Tanga (Sting)


Formats: LP, CD, CASSETTE, SACD, SACD Hybrid
Date of release: November 1978
Label: A&M Records
Note: the first U.K. press of the LP have the vinyl black, light blue or dark blue