1. Visions Of The Night (Sting)
  2. New World Blues
  3. 3 O'Clock Shot (Live)
  4. Lady Of Delight
  5. Electron Romance
  6. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (Demo) (Sting)
  7. Towers Tumbled
  8. Electron Romance (Live)
  9. Lady Of Delight (Live)


Format: CD
Date of release: July 1997
Label: Ark21/Panagea
Catalogue number: 10003B e 810003
Note: all songs, except the live takes (Paris, 28 May 1977) and Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, were recorded at the Virtual Earth Studios in Swiss by the following musicians:

  • Mike Howlett (Bass and voice)
  • Sting (Bass and voice)
  • Stewart Copeland (Drums)
  • Andy Summers (Guitar)

This cd came from the experience of Strontium 90, a Mike Howlett's project created in order to allow the re-forming of the band Gong, with the purpose of setting-up a single live show and recording a few studio takes.