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Daniel Germany The Police
- No Title - Live France 77 - Archivio Arc Cd 016;
- Many Miles Away - Tsp-Cd-115;
- Tea In The Sahara - Tcd 12;
- Atlanta D´Amour - Bm031;
- Three Ghosta Caught In The Act - 2cd - Bkr 016;
- Walking,Don´T Stand So Lonely - 2-Cd  - Mixing 7004;
- Live In Melbourne - Part One - Wpcd 1085;
- Live In Melbourne - Part Two - Wpcd 1086;
- Bring On The Night - Paris 81  - Tsp-Cd-065;
- Sits On My Back - Cd 910708;
- Wallaby - Beech-Martin 004;
- London Gig - Buc 013;
- Crimewatch - Big015;
- The Truth Hits Everybody - Cd 6 Def;
- Live In Paris - Gscd 1094;
- Live In Italy - Gscd 1092;
- Orpheum - Digit 103;
- Bootleg - Glr 9247;
- Born In The 50´S Gdr Cd 8917;
- For A Few Ones ! Buc 044;
- I Was Born For Success - Acs 017;
- Live Usa - Imt 900.016;
- Live In London Feb 9 - 1979 - Seagull Cd011;
- Born In The 50´S - On Stage Cd 12028;
- Laser Villians - Rs-Cd 92102;
- Reunion Concert 1986 - Tsp-Cd-097;
-And More Than Over 700 Sting / The Police Colectables....
Carlo Torino/Italy The Police

For sell or trade:
- "Zenyatta Mondatta" green vynil, australian edition with poster;
- "Synchronicity" red vynil edition

Marco Padova/Italy The Police/Sting

For Sale bootlegs, singoles and other rarities of The Police and Sting

Audrius Vilnius/Lithuania The Police

The Police dvd's:
- Bremen, 1979.01.18
(better sound)
- Hatfield Polytechnic, 1979.02.21
(released in Japan, stereo sound)
- Countdown, 1979.09.07
(stereo sound)
- Live in Paris, 1979.12.03
- Live in Hamburg, Markthalle, 1980.01.11
- "Urgh. A Music War"
- Live in Essen, Grugahalle, 1980.10.18
- Live in Mexico, 1980.11.15
- Budokan, 1981.02.02
(stereo sound)
- Vina del mar, 1982.02.19-20
(two dvd set)
- Ghost in the machine, 1982.07.30
(from original source, dvd-8, very high quality of video and sound)
- Live in U.S. festival, 1982.09.03
(time code on the centre of video)
- Live in Oakland, 1983
- Live in New Jersey, 1986.06.15
(stereo sound)
- Behind the music
- BBC documentaries (1980 tour)
- From Outlandos to Synchronicities
(half part of dvd)
Contact me for further details

Tino Bergamo/Italy The Police/Sting

Rare Police and Sting vynils and cds

Wendy Jansson Australia The Police

Fall Out / Nothing Achieving 1977 single with Henry Padovani in excellent condition.

Thierry France The Police I have for sale my collection of 100 vinyls of The Police, Klark Kent, Henry Padovani and Sting. Contact me for the list.
Pasquale Foggia/Italy The Police/Sting

The Police and Sting rare bootlegs.
Audio cd:
- Tokyo, february 2, 1981 - 2 cds;
- Montreal, july 25, 2007 - 2 cds;
- Paris, 1981 - 1 cd;
- Hatfield Polytecnic, february 21, 1979 - 1 cd;
- Milan, july 4, 1982 - 2 cds;
- Boston, 1979 - 1 cd;
- Barcelona, october 1, 1983 - 1 cd;
- Chicago, may 25, 1979 - 1 cd;
- New York, august 18, 1983 - 2 cd;
- New York, september 29, 1979 - 1 cd;
- Newcastle, april 28, 1980 - 1 cd;
- Milan, 1980 - 2 cds;
- Sting, Verona may 6, 1988 - 3 cds.
DVD Pal format:
- Hamburg, january 11, 1980;
- Bremen, january 18, 1979;
- Essen, october 18, 1980;
- Hatfield, february 21, 1979;
- Madrid, 2008.
Ask for other concerts.

Pier Torino/Italy Various Bootleg: "I was born in the 50's",
"Live at Zellerbach",
"Sting the girls and make them die".
Singles: lot of 30 (Six Pack included).
"Message In A Bottle" Star shaped picture disc.
Klark kent 10" green.
Regatta de blanc 10" 2 lp set.
Poster: 1980 Torino,
1982 Parco Redecesio Milano
Valerio Italy Sting Poster "The dream of the blue turtles" print on masonite. The Print was exposed a the Sanremo Ariston Theater for the 1985 Festival della Canzone Italiana.
Jean Luc France The Police

Rare The Police DVD and CD.

Jean Luc France The Police Limited edition "Zenyatta Mondatta" LP. green vynil, 33 rpm, in very good conditions.
Mark Vicenza/Italy The Police Bootleg The Police vinyl bootlegs
Augusto Vienna (Austria) LP The Police

Live in Paris with white cover with Outlandos d'Amour copy, 2 lp

Frank Berlin (Germany) The Police

Rare Police tour shirt from the Ghost in the machine tour, in original package, not used, colour blue, size M

Manfredo Munich (Germany) The Police/Sting

4 The Police and 2 Sting CDs to sell (complete or singular). All CDs are in perfect state. If you have any questions do not hesitate to conact me.

The Police: Live in London Feb. 9 1979 (Seagull Records)

The Police: The truth hits everybody New York Sept. 27. 1979 (X Records, as I know the first The Police Bootleg ever)

The Police: Bring on the night Paris 1981 (The swingin Pig Records)

The Police: The Live Experience Tea in the Sahara (Templar)

Sting: Moonwalking Live in Chicago April 1991 (Living Legend Records)

Sting: Live in L.A. Feb. 1991

Fulvio Italy The Police "Every Breath You Take - The Singles" vinyl (AM 1986), original and never used
Jonathan USA The Police New double disc set pro (not homemade) from Japan entitled Sessions 1979.


The Police Original pins.
Antonio Bari/Italy The Police/Sting

Sting and The Police CDs and DVDs.

Alessandro Scotto Bergamo/Italy The Police/Sting

- The Police: Live in Milan 1979 (Lp);
- The Police: Live at Hammersmith Odeon 1979 (Picture disc);
- The Police: Live at Zellerbach 1979 (Lp);
- The Police: King biscuit's music show 1979 (Lp);
- The Police: Buodokan radio on 1981 (2 Lp);
- The Police: Live in Melbourne 1981 (Picture disc);
- The Police: Live au Bourget 1982 (Lp);
- Sting: Live in Milan 1985 (Picture disc);
- Sting: Live at Ritz 1985 (2 Lp);
- Sting: Arena di Verona 1988 (2 Lp)

Nancy Argentina Various South american magazine clippings for sale or swap for my favs
Grant England The Police Box
The Police Box From 1977 to 1987.
Comes complete with 10 gold vinyl 7" records and 1 X 7" picture disc.
Brand new and sealed
Enrico Vicenza/Italy Eberhard Schoener
'Video Magic' vinyl with Sting, Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers.
Good Conditions
Scotty Cormano (MI)/Italy The Police - 7" Live
'Police Strikes Again'
Scotty Cormano (MI)/Italy The Police
Six Pack (Blue vinyls)
Nicola Italy T-Shirt Rainforest Foundation
Signed by Sting in 1990 during an italian television programme.
New in the original packaging
Vins Pietrasanta (Lu)/Italy Live at the Shea Stadium
Vins Pietrasanta (Lu)/Italy Stewart Copeland - 'Klark Kent'
1979 - Green Vinyle



Juan Barcelona/Spain The Police Live In Barcelona 1983 LP
Tom Gill Lynnwood

The Police 1979 DVD Live at Hatfield Polytecnic

Carlo Lissone

Milan, July 4, 1982 - 2 Cds

Audrius Vilnius/Lithuania

The Police New Jersey Conspiracy of hope tour 1986.06.15 dvd (not tv source)

Carlo Milano/Italy

Rarities and bootlegs wanted. Entire collections considered. Live shows trading. Please no Sting nor single common items


Buenos Aires

Vinyl bootlegs
Gianmarco Roma/Italy

Karaoke version of The Police songs, possibly without drums.

Rob England

Klark Kent "Don't Care" Australian 7" press k7271 white/tan label comes in a red festival comany sleeve. Only vg+ and above wanted.

Carlo Torino/Italy Only vinyl picture disc 33 and 45 - bootlegs -. Please to send a list with prices.
Gabriele Cagliari/Italy The Police "Stingin in the rain" 2 lp, live at Palaeur, Rome 1984
Stefan Maul Mannheim/Germany

The last Concert, NYC 07.08.2008 from Joris van Dijk

Barcelona (ES) I trade concerts, videos ecc.
Robert Baltimore (USA) I am looking for the Japan Box set as well as anycolored vinyl pressings.
Gianvittorio Milano/Italy The Police vinyls: rarities, bootlegs, O.S.T., Andy, Stewart etc. Please send me your list.

The following Police singles:
- Voices inside my head;
- Secret journey;
- Bring on the night;
- Synchronicity I;
- One world

Antonio Bari/Italy Sting and The Police DVDs
Alberto Bergamo/Italy

Sting - Live in Verona, 1988: DVD or VHS video.

Paula United States Any photos or recordings from concert in Biarritz, France (Parc des Sports de Aguilerra) August 18, 1980
Johnny Beane Berkeley (CA)/USA Live Police cd's/vinyl/tapes/Live DVD's; Live Andy Summers concerts on DVD,VHS,cd's; Andy Summers guitar picks.
Gaetano Napoli/Italy Live at the Hatfield Polytechnic
Gaetano Napoli/Italy T-shirt "The Beat"
Any video or DVD footage
San Donà Di Piave (VE)/Italy
VHS or DVD of 'Police Around The World'
San Francisco/USA
'Live Ghost In The Machine' DVD
DVD or VHS of 'Live Ghost In The Machine'
Maranello (Mo)/Italy
Police posters
I buy complete collections and anything thats rare, also I trade live cdrs of The Police and Sting
Ghost In The Machine Live DVD
The Police at the Shea Stadium VHS
Trecate (No)/Italy
Walking On The Moon drum score
Any kind of live video of The Police
Stewart Copeland VHS: "The Rytmathyst"
Buenos Aires/Argentina
The Police videos (all except "The Police Greatest Hits" - 1992)
Pietrasanta (Lu)/Italy
The Police - Live Ghost In The Machine