1. Scream Thy Last Scream

  2. Vegetable Man



(Sarebbe dovuto essere un singolo dei Pink Floyd assieme a Vegetable Man. Mai pubblicata ufficialmente)

Scream thy last scream old woman with a casket
Plan, plan your pointers, point your pointers
Waddle with aples in crunchy resistors
She'll be scrubbing bottles on all fours

Scream thy last scream old woman with a casket
Flying your arms madly, old lady with a daughter
Flat top houses, houses, houses
Piddle and diddle sitting fat

Watching the telly till all hours
Flying your arms old lady with a daughter
(Oh, sock it to me)



(Vedi nota di Scream Thy Last Scream)

In yellow shoes I get the blue
So I walk the street with my plastic feet
With blue velvet trousers make me feel pink
Theres a kind of stink about blue velvet trousers
In my paisley shirt,I look a jerk
And my turquoise wasitcoat is quite outta sight
But oh, oh, my haircut looks so bad
Vegetable man! Where are you?

So I change my jeans
And I bugger my kneesand I cover them up with the latest cuts
My pants and socks are all in a box
It does take long to find darn old socks
The watch, black watch, my watch with a black face
And a date in a little hole
And all the luck,its what I got
Its what I wear, Its what you see
It must be me,Its what I am
Vegetable man
Where are you?
Ah, ah ah ah, ah ah ah
Hah, ah ah ah, ah ah ah oh
I've been looking all over the place for a place for me
But it ain't anywhere
It just ain't anywhere
Vegetable man, Vegetable man
Vegetable man. Vegetable man
Vegetable man, Vegetable man
He's the kind of fella you just gotta see if you can,Vegetable man